Why Discipline Is a Source of Inner-Power

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I practice and teach a yoga sequence, called Journey into Power. This sequence starts with 5 Sun Salutation A’s and 5 Sun Salutation B’s. Even now after such a long time, I ask myself at the beginning of each practice – why did I said I’m going to do it? I could just be happily on my sofa, watching Netflix. This question pops into my mind right when I am in the downward-facing dog pose. The moment in which I can rest for a couple of breaths.

Believe me. I play the same story in each practice.

I practice almost daily because I know I will feel great at the end, and I always gain new insights about the things going on in my life. And, it gives me the boost I need for the rest of the day.

I don’t take my mind so seriously when I know I’m doing the right thing for myself.

I’ve been playing back and forth the game of not being motivated. I don’t always feel inspired or motivated to practice, write, plan podcasts, or do my daily activities.

Then what keeps us committed to our goals?

Creating a daily routine helped me to stay close to what I want to fulfill. The only answer I have found to be reliable is that whatever I want to accomplish requires discipline.

Asanas, meditation, and self-inquiry, the techniques of the style of yoga I teach, are the tools I need to succeed in my life. I know that by now, but none of these tools work unless I use them to create daily habits.

Now, I have other goals in my life, like impacting other people lives through living my passions or creating something that will benefit others. I can easily get lost in my head, but if I’m not disciplined and committed, I will not be able to achieve anything.

Want to be successful? It takes discipline.

Discipline is the difference between being in control of what could happen in the future and letting your environment dictate your destiny.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines to help you with setting new habits:

Set big and clear goals

Set your goals as big as you can. If they don’t give you chills, they are not big enough. If you feel enthusiastic and scared at the same time, then are the right goals. Make sure they are clear and add by when you want to accomplish them. If the goals are not clear, you’ll not be able to set up the next steps.

Commit to your goals

Make a plan and then, set up the routine, meaning when you’ll going to do different actions of your plan. Think about the Olympic athletes. They follow the same routine until it becomes their second nature. They do it because it prepares them for success. As we all learned in school, repetition is the mother of mastery. I know you want to be successful, so next time you don’t feel motivated, remember this.

Look for what’s holding you back

Now you know your plan and the tasks, but there will still be distractions and resistance. Look for what distracts your attention. It can be too many tabs open, checking social media instead of being focused on your task. Put everything aside, and focus for at least 30 minutes just on one task. Take one small break after 30 minutes and then come back and repeat the process.


There is nothing mystical about meditation. Even though are many ways to meditate, you can do a simple one. Every time you see yourself distracted close your eyes for 5 minutes and bring focus to your breath. Feel how your chest is rising every time you breathe in and how your chest is falling every time you breathe out. This meditation will bring you easily into the here and now.

I used to think that discipline is boring. With the right attitude, is not. It’s just putting the right energy in the direction of what you want to create.

Living in a society that appreciates instant gratification is hard to be disciplined. I think this is the moment in which we all have to understand that we don’t have to feel good all the time and stop seeking immediate pleasure. We must find happiness in doing the work. Having discipline will pay off for us later.

Have you thought about discipline as a source of inner-power? Think about this for a moment.

Love and light,


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  1. Noboru says:

    I keep coming back to this page for three days now. Today I printed your thoughts and I’m going to use them as starting point for developing my superpower. Thank you!

    • Alexandra Negulescu says:

      Being disciplined help me a lot and I know it’s going to work for you as well.

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