I help multi-passionate, ambitious, creative entrepreneurs make the shift from overwhelmed to focused and productive.

hey, I'm alexandra

What seemed to be a failure was the thing that helped me challenge the way I saw myself and the world around me and discover what I wanted to do next. On my yoga mat, I had many breakthroughs. I learned to accept, love, and embrace the real, raw, and messy parts of myself. 

Best thing that happen to me...

I quit my corporate job seven years ago without knowing what I would do next. For years I was going to sleep thinking that I had done my best at my job, but thinking that I hadn't helped anyone and that the impact I was creating was not satisfying enough. I knew that I wanted to do something that involved other people. Now I know it was crazy losing my financial stability for something I haven't yet discovered. I went from guilt and shame to severe depression to find the practice that helped me rise and get to know myself.

My story really began the moment I realized that life is about putting action into my dreams.

As a multi-passionate person, I have been put in a box so many times I can't even know the number today. From how I could start teaching yoga and giving up a stable job, to how coaching relates to any aspect, to why I am teaching in English? These are just some things I heard in the past. In my work as a coach, I partner with ambitious, overachiever leaders who want to claim their story. I don't believe in magic formulas because every story and individual is different. I want you to do you. It may be scary, but I can help you clarify what's holding you back and take the right actions in alignment with who you are.

trapt into what society or how things have been made by others in the past made me give up so many times. i kept going by doing me.

the pledge

I live by what I teach. Life isn't just about work. I run a simple business and make mistakes, but I'm focused on having a great impact in other people's lives.

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"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

- zig zigler