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If there's one thing I love about yoga, it gives you the chance to land into your body and build awareness. It doesn't have to be complicated to see the results. It only asks you to trust your body and intuition. That's the place where inner transformation starts.

getting to know yourself

Yoga is to learn about yourself, your life, and the world around you.

I practiced fencing until college, went corporate for ten years, resigned, and went through depression. That ugly moment turned into the most rewarding experience I had: the journey of finding myself and my mission of sharing the practice of yoga as a self-development tool.

i share from my personal experience

but nowI know how to help!

I'm here to empower you to live your best life (with ease and fun, included).

My yoga journey started six years ago, passing through severe depression, and it has been the tool that helped me recover. Not only that it help me recover but right there, it started my journey of getting to know myself. Today I'm sharing it with everyone as a way of life and as a self-development tool because it was a key part of my life.

If you're new at yoga, give it a chance. It might surprise you! Let's start today!

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More than 100 yoga classes and meditations are available on my YouTube channel so that you can practice anywhere, anytime.

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An online program designed as a journey of creating new healthy habits, and it's a fun, inspiring, and doable home practice program. 

A 21 Days of Yoga Journey


I teach a non-dogmatic style of yoga, and I have a down-to-earth approach. My classes are fun, deep, transformative, challenging, and I lead them intending to help you see yourself from different angles so you can learn, grow, and transform.

An online community of like-minded people who share the practice of yoga as a way to get connected and take action.

Mpower Yoga

The hardest part of any yoga practice is showing up. The best yoga pose is the one you smile. These are the two most important lessons I took from 21 days of yoga program. I cannot thank you enough, Alexandra, for teaching me to try to relax when things are shady in my life. 

Thanks, Alexandra for helping me through a not that smooth beginning of the year.

21 Days of yoga


 I started in September with 21 days of yoga and since then I have been doing yoga with you almost every day, and the lower back pain that has been tormenting me for some time has completely disappeared! I really like your down to earth style and the fact that, under your guidance, yoga has transformed from something intimidating to something within reach, which I can enjoy every day, without the pressure of achieving a certain result or goal. Keep up the good work! Hugs from Cluj.

To paraphrase what you often say in your videos, I can show up and be.  Thank you very much! 

21 days of yoga


An online community for real, messy, whole humans.