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What I did to 10x my effectiveness


As a hyper-achiever, I love being into action. As a multi-passion person, I love (and I am) many things. Having so many things on your plate can be overwhelming without clarity and structure. Without it, I’m all over the place. I started solving this problem when I realized how much it bothers me the feeling […]

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A blog about mindset, productivity, and intentional living.

Written for the multi-passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders  who want more than the status quo. 


multi-passionate person, ENNEAGRAM 8, CHRONIC hyper-ACHIEVER, oat latte lover. 

Hi, I'm Alexandra.
Your Yoga Teacher & Performance Coach.

I'm many things: entrepreneur, founder Mpower Yoga, yoga teacher, mentor, performance coach, and I don't like to be put in a box. Neither do you, right? I want to help you reframe your limiting beliefs, achieve your goals and have fun on your way to building and living an empowered life. The kind of one you're in love with.
How about if we start now?

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I write for the ambitious, multi-passionate, perfectionist, and overachieving professionals who dream of more than the status quo. In other words, I write for myself.

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