Ready To Create Something Bigger Than Yourself?

Ready To Create Something Bigger Than Yourself?

This Mentorship Program is designed for certified yoga teachers who are ready to find their authentic voice, lead powerful classes, and make a bigger impact by working with self-limiting beliefs and stepping out of their comfort zone.

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I was so excited about teaching yoga, but with 10-min before my class started, I prayed that nobody would show up. Every time I entered the room to teach, I would make myself small. My eyes were set on the watch rather than on my students. I was constantly thinking about what cool words I heard other teachers say so I could say them. I was trying so hard to be someone else until I was exhausted.

I was so afraid about what people are thinking that I was not able to see anything else (the students, the how, the what) above myself.

I once been there afraid of sharing what I loved to do.

You don't have to do it alone.

Teaching yoga requires much more than having the knowledge you have to share. It's never just about the correct alignment or most creative yoga sequence. It asks you to share from your heart and teach what makes your heart happy. It's about showing your personality the way it is. Because no one is like you, and the world needs your gifts.

To be able to share yourself means you have to be 100% you. This is the only version of yourself capable to hold space for others and create the impact you're craving for.

you're in the right place.

A mentorship program designed to be the bridge between your training and leading powerful classes. It will help you clarify who you are as a yoga teacher, where you are going, how you are sharing yourself with the world, and making a bigger impact by teaching yoga.



The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

you feel confident in creating powerful classes, with amazing clients that love you.

you become crystal clear on why you teach yoga

you'll Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt, and feel confident.

you have an abundant mindset and recognize yourself as the owner of you business

You reignite your passion for teaching yoga.


I created this program to give you the system I build in the last 6 years.

Everything you'll find in this program has been tested and perfected by me in the last six years.

I'm not holding anything back. As a performance coach, I'll be alongside you to listen and learn about you and your yoga business, so I can help you create and reach the goals you'll set for yourself.

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Her feedback and suggestions were on point and she made me realize I can teach from my heart and be true to myself and to others. I no longer have to impersonate other yoga teachers and just be myself. Feeling so empowered, seen and acknowledged.

Alexandra is amazing! Working with her helped me gain confidence in my yoga teaching. 

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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

tripled his revenue


I'm many things: entrepreneur, founder Mpower Yoga, yoga teacher, mentor, performance coach, and I don't like to be put in a box. Neither do you, right? I want to help you reframe your limiting beliefs, achieve your goals and have fun on your way to building and living an empowered life. The kind of one you're in love with. How about if we start now?

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Yes, I want in!

Are you ready to create something bigger than yourself so you can continuously grow as a human, yoga teacher, and your yoga business - let's get started today!

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