Work with me


Join me weekly on the mat for the live classes I teach at Mpower Yoga. The public schedule may support modifications, and I recommend checking in with the link below.

  • Monday, 6 pm, 30-min Yin Yoga class
  • Tuesday, 7 pm, 30-min Happy Hips class
  • Wednesday, 6.00 pm, 60-min Slow Flow class
  • Thursday, 12 pm, 30-min Yoga For Back Pain
  • Thursday, 6 pm, 45-min Power Vinyasa class


Yoga & coaching private package is all about you - your pace, your goals, your schedule.

This hour is created uniquely for you. Each class lasts 2 hours and includes meditation, yoga & coaching—one on one, online, or in person.

I will lead yoga & meditation sessions in English. Coaching sessions can be led in Romanian or English.

For corporate offers & inquiries, please send a message.


This program is for people who want to achieve their goals from a place of ease. No more hustling, but feeling aligned with your work and empowered to be the leader you were born to be.

The sessions will help you find focus, get started, and maintain momentum because the world needs what you have to offer. Even if you don't know what that is just yet.


I've always known that teaching yoga is not just about the right alignment but more about the opportunity to connect with other people. If you're ready to join me in this adventure, what you'll gain is:

  • Understand the yoga business and how to develop a successful career
  • Hone your skills and learn to trust your intuition enabling you to teach and speak from the heart
  • Build the confidence to command a room and create a safe environment
  • Uncover your own authentic teaching voice