3 Ways I Self-Sabotage and Why I Do It

3 Ways I Self-Sabotage (And Why I Do It)
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If you’re like me, you’ve had moments where you wondered why you’re not achieving what you’ve set out to do.

Trust me, it’s not just you—it’s a problem most of us struggle with.

And if you’ve made it here, you’re likely yearning to figure out why things don’t always click.

In this article, I’m peeling back the layers on myself.

Yep, you heard that right. I’m diving deep into the pitfalls that trip me up, because understanding your weaknesses is the first step to turning them into strengths.

So buckle up, as we dig into:

Not Staying In My Genius Zone

I’ve figured out that my sweet spot is at the intersection of teaching, writing, and system-building. It’s where I shine, helping others level up their lives and businesses through well-structured teaching, coaching, and content.

But guess what? Even with this clarity, I sometimes still:

  • Overthink and waste time on tasks that don’t really move the needle for my business.
  • Doubt if anyone even cares about what I do. Spoiler: they do. And nope, I can’t see the future, but I can shape it.
  • Procrastinate, to the point where my sink is cleaner than my to-do list or until I don’t have any available books on my Kindle. Yep, dishes and learning are my go-to distractions.


If you ever find yourself stuck in these mental traps, here’s a simple fix. Chat with a few of your customers or readers for real feedback. If you’re procrastinating, dive into the task you’re avoiding right then and there. Gather data to unmask those self-defeating behaviors and open up new possibilities for yourself and give yourself the opportunity to prove it wrong.

Not Trying New Things

It took me a whole month to tell the world I started coaching. Even after posting on Instagram, I hid away for the rest of the day.

And a mastermind group? I’ve been sitting on that idea for half a year!

Why the hesitation? I’ve been playing it safe, avoiding any chance of failure and the anxiety that comes with trying something new. But here’s the catch—I’m also missing out on growing, both personally and professionally.


Scared of stepping out of your comfort zone? It’s okay. Don’t remove possibilities that could turn out to be life-changing experiences. You don’t have to take giant leaps daily, but a small step towards a new challenge will stretch your comfort boundaries. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Not Focusing on What Matters To Me

Hey, I get it. My perfectionist tendencies make me chase after every task, even the not-so-important ones. It’s a tricky double-edged sword.

Why do I do this? It feeds the false belief that I’m not worthy of achieving my desires, so why bother trying?


Feeling stuck? Make a daily list celebrating what makes you awesome and unique. Spend a moment each day recognizing your efforts and victories, no matter how small. It’s a simple way to remind yourself of your worth and refocus on what truly matters.

Before You Go

So, there you have it—my very own triad of self-sabotage. It’s humbling, a bit embarrassing, but wholly necessary to share. Why? Because we all have these mental barriers, but acknowledging them is the first step in breaking free.

You see, the journey to being your best self isn’t a straight line. It’s more like a labyrinth, filled with setbacks and false starts. But every time we take a moment to reflect and adjust, we’re not just wandering aimlessly; we’re navigating through with intent.

  • Get real feedback to snap out of self-doubt and procrastination.
  • Take small steps to challenge your comfort zone and broaden your horizons.
  • Celebrate your uniqueness and realign your focus on what truly matters to you.

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