My 4-Step System for Reaching Your Goals

My 4-Step System for Reaching Your Goals
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As a performance coach, I meet clients who aspire to be more productive, work smarter, and achieve clear and tangible results in their work.

However, productivity is often the last thing to kick off because there are other pressing matters to address before taking aligned actions.

Outlined below are the steps and methodology I use to help clients progress from point A to point B. Although each journey is unique, creating what you want always involves a blend of the following elements, which I will describe today.

1. Getting the inner game right

If you’re engaging in a coaching setup, it’s because you have a difference to make.

That’s the best part.

Without a burning desire to put your work out into the world, nothing will be accomplished.

However, clarity and a healthy mindset are essential to moving forward with your goals. Without them, it’s easy to get stuck.

Here’s what can happen when you lack clarity and a healthy mindset:

  • You become overwhelmed by day-to-day life, leaving no time to figure things out.
  • You feel guilty, which can prevent you from seeing opportunities.
  • You experience fatigue that weighs you down.

Understanding your current inner game is crucial.

You need space to step back and identify the significant work that will make a difference in your life and in the world.

To create the reality you desire, it’s important to take a step back and examine your limiting beliefs and create the mindset that will take you to point B.

2. Developing the vision and strategy

Making a plan is one thing, but ensuring that it aligns with your desired outcome is another.

The solution is simple: you must take the initial step, no matter what. It’s even beneficial to periodically evaluate whether your goals are still relevant to your current reality.

What happens when you make a plan without a clear understanding of your goals?

The potential options can be so overwhelming that you may feel compelled to give up.

This is where a strong vision and strategy become essential. One that fits you and aligns with your goals.

Being enthusiastic about your vision, strategy, and plan is what prepares you to take action.

3. Taking action

The space where productivity begins is the moment you start taking action from a place of clarity.

This is the step where you start setting up your personal productivity system to manage your time, energy, and attention effectively every day.

A significant step in taking action is also about eliminating, optimizing, automating, and delegating all the menial and repetitive parts of your work and life so you can claim back valuable time to do what matters most.

This is the step that many people want to achieve instantly. While it may be possible for some, in most cases, you cannot skip the initial steps.

Achieving your goals is not just about being productive. It’s about working from a healthy place (and mindset) with clarity and focus on what matters most to you.

4. Rinsing and repeating

Even when things are going as planned, you may still end up on the brink of burnout, feeling out of balance and unable to sustain your dream.

At some point, this happens to everyone.

The rinse and repeat step is highly individual and depends on what the client needs the most. This step is where:

  • You maintain momentum by learning how to stay on track, plan, and prioritize your workload, and overcome bottlenecks and challenges on your way to achieving your goals.
  • You establish a personal well-being system to ensure your body, mind, and soul feel great while pursuing your goals.
  • You reconnect with what you are doing and why, so you can make an even greater impact.


Every journey is unique, as we are in different seasons of our lives and businesses. Based on my experience as a coach, I have noticed certain patterns that have helped me develop this methodology over time (which I have also applied to myself). These key steps should be taken into consideration when things are not developing as planned. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all method, as I do not believe in magic formulas and I do not label people. You may find yourself in one or a few of the steps, or perhaps seeing all of them together will give you clarity on how to approach your goals and business. Either way, your journey is unique.

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