Alignment Isn’t About Perfection; It’s About Direction.

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Believe me, if I had tied myself to the opinion of others, I would not have been here today. I would not have taught yoga or coached people and would not have written on this blog.

If I had compared myself with others, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to write this article.

If I had listened to my inner critic, I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone once.

Yes, I’m a stubborn person, and it can be a good thing when you’re following your gut instinct.

Your peers will influence you no matter in which industry you’re working. And we should get inspired by their actions and the hard work they put into their creation.

The thing is that people are biased. I am biased.

No matter how much advice I’m going to send your way, it’s just what is working for me now. I’m always going to speak from my experiences which, of course, are limited. No advice or knowledge will work for you if it’s not aligned with your core values.

I’ve learned that there is no right way to create the things that are important to you. There is no formula.

It’s about taking the actions that align with you even though another person will do them differently.

Thank God we’re unique.

And, no matter how challenging is, the truth is that you hold the wisdom to know what’s the right action for you.

You can get inspired by others and learn methods and systems that work for others, but being in alignment means you’re using them uniquely to create your best version.

Do you know what happens when you’re not in alignment?

Things could have worked out better for you in business or at work. You experience everything as being hard. You’re out of the flow. You need help and clarification. You may see some short-term results which will fade in time. Why? The energy you’re sending out cannot come back because you know you’re not being true to yourself deep down.

But what happens when you’re in alignment?

Our true nature is not one of struggle and exhaustion. It’s a pleasure and flow. When you align with yourself and the thing you are here to create, it flows naturally and easily to you. And when you do work hard on it, it doesn’t feel like hard work. It feels exciting, even if you’re a bit tired afterward.

Alignment is when our thoughts, life choices, and direction all honor our core values. Alignment is when we listen to our intuition and move through the world, embodying our true selves. Alignment is function and action with ease.

That’s you stepping into your power. And the biggest and most important thing that will happen for you is that you’ll start seeing the suitable actions for you, and you’ll be ready to take full responsibility for them.

Isn’t this motivating?

I’d hate to give the impression that my life is perfect because it’s not, and I have struggles I am still trying to figure out. But alignment isn’t about perfection; it’s about direction.



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Hi, I'm Alexandra.
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I'm a bit of everything: an entrepreneur, the founder of Mpower Yoga, a yoga teacher, a mentor, and a business coach. My mission is simple: I’m helping multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs build thriving businesses that are matching their style and personality. I'm here to help you break free from those limiting beliefs, teach you simple and effective business strategies, reach your goals, and enjoy the journey to creating an empowered life you're head over heels in love with.

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