Success Stories from The 21 Days of Yoga Community

Success Stories from The 21 Days of Yoga Community
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When I began creating the 21 Days of Yoga program, my goal was to share what had helped me nine years ago – the same practices that improved my wellbeing, taught me self-awareness, and ultimately led to a career shift.

My yoga journey started in front of my laptop, following along with videos on YouTube. I remember drawing the curtains so my boyfriend couldn’t see me practicing from the terrace.

Back then, I was unsure and inexperienced. I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly, but I encouraged myself, thinking, “How hard can it be? Just follow the instructor and it’ll be okay.”

That was me, nine years ago: lost, battling depression, and overwhelmed with anxiety.

You can read about my real, raw, and messy journey here, and how yoga helped me through it.

My journey is just one among countless uplifting stories of how yoga positively impacts lives globally every day. Below, you’ll find genuine accounts from students who participated in the 21 Days of Yoga program, shared in their own words. I hope their experiences inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

Success Story: Oana Iosub, Bucharest

Some experiences truly shape your future relationship with your body, and the ’21 Days of Yoga’ with Alexandra is one of them.

I have tried both of the previous 21-day challenges. The first time, I was on autopilot, realizing late that it was starting. Yet the second time, I approached it with a specific mindset, and I must acknowledge that it fundamentally changed how I practice yoga, turning it into a habit. It’s not always easy; in fact, sometimes it’s quite hard, as the mind can be a stubborn opponent.

However, the more you engage with the program, the better it gets. The feeling you have when you step off the mat is amazing! If I had to choose one word to sum up what this experience taught me, it would be ‘resilience’—the ability to persevere through unpleasant situations in your day-to-day life and still smile.

If someone asked me whether to join the 21 days, I would say, ‘Definitely, go for it, baby!’ Remember, by showing up on the mat, you’re already halfway there. Enjoy, as it’s quite a ride!

Success Story: Daniela Pauna, Spain

The 21-day yoga with Alexandra was a mission to slow down and find my chill. I started like a yoga ninja, rocking those poses with sheer enthusiasm. Fast forward to the final stretch, and life decided to throw a party of distractions. Keeping my focus on yoga suddenly felt like trying to juggle flaming torches, but I was as good as the six-pack Thai boys on Aonang Beach, artists of fire.

Then came the stand-up comedy special – my last days in Thailand. No yoga mat? No problem. I even did a session on a hotel room carpet, feeling like a yoga ninja on a magic carpet ride. I could’ve blamed the lack of a mat, but I made a pact with myself to show up and groove on.

Emotions played their part – a mix of sadness and anger for the lack of a yoga mat, but you know what? Nothing is permanent, not even emotions. Post-yoga, I was on cloud nine, feeling like I had conquered Everest in yoga pants.

This yoga shindig wasn’t just about bendy poses and hotel room acrobatics. It turned out to be a ninja-level guide to getting to know my limits, wrangling my life into some semblance of order, and saying sayonara to the emotional rollercoaster.

I learned that yoga isn’t just about touching your toes; it’s about touching base with yourself. It became my secret weapon for better organization, helping me ride the chaos without turning into a victim of the emotional rollercoaster.

Here’s to yoga, my forever Zen master!

Success Story: Laura Mojilian, Germany

I signed up for the 21 Days of Yoga as a fresh start and a way to get back into my routine. Yoga plays a crucial role in my daily life, and this program is a perfect kick-off for the new year.

At the beginning, I felt a bit mechanical and my thoughts were scattered, but by the end, I found my rhythm and felt more relaxed and well-paced. My daily mantra became: wake up, practice, start the day – either to kick off my days off or to unwind at the end of the day with a yoga session.

I realized my biggest challenge was finding time, especially when my holiday ended and fitting yoga into my busy schedule became tough. Dealing with sore muscles and staying present were also hurdles.

Staying present, managing my time, and pushing through on days when I would rather do anything but yoga (though not necessarily anything productive) were challenges. Surprisingly, the feel-good moments after each practice were unexpected rewards.

My most important lesson? I need to be easier on myself, practice kindness, and return to my core values of consistency and determination. If I’m not in a good place mentally and physically, I can’t be there for others.

Yoga is an integral part of my life and routine. It’s my sanctuary during chaotic times and a source of joy.

If you’re considering the 21 Days of Yoga program, dive in with no expectations. Be supportive and gently kind to yourself. Why? Because on the days when you feel least motivated to practice, those are the days you’ll benefit the most and feel amazing afterward!

Success Story: Alexandra Popa, Bucharest

I started doing yoga almost every day in 2019. But as time went by, life got busy, and I wasn’t able to do it as much. I realized I needed to make a change and go back to the basics with a short program.

My daily life is pretty packed. I have two jobs and I’m also studying for a certificate. So, finding time for yoga is tough. At first, I wanted to do yoga in the morning, but I often worked late and couldn’t wake up early. So, I started doing yoga whenever I could: in the morning, during lunch breaks, in the evening, or before bed. It felt like a lot at first, but eventually, it became a special time for me.

When I started doing yoga again, I noticed my body felt stiff and not as flexible as before. Slowly, I started to regain flexibility in my body and mind.

I began feeling calmer and less stressed. I got better at handling tough situations and setting boundaries with myself and others. I stopped being so hard on myself and started appreciating all the things I do. I felt more relaxed and connected to my body.

I learned that I can handle tough challenges. For me, the biggest challenge was making time for myself, like I do for my family, friends, clients, and work. Even though I was busy, I realized I needed something for myself, like yoga.

Yoga has been the one thing that’s kept me consistent over time. I started in 2019 and still do it, even if I sometimes miss a few days. I learned that it’s okay not to do yoga every day or for a long time. Some days, I do a full hour of yoga, other days just 10 minutes, or even just a few minutes of meditation and stretching. It all helps me stay connected with myself.

Like Alexandra says, ‘Just show up on the mat.’ I think of it as a meeting with myself.


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